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What's New ?
16-Nov-2001: Updated FormHelp component. Now it completely supports Jordan Russel's ToolBar2000.
8-Oct-2001: Minor improvements and new property in the AppBar component (v1.7.3).
6-Oct-2001: Implemented local search engine for website. Now you can easily find any document or manuals page simply typing the keyword(s) in the input box at the top of any page. Click here for advanced search.
4-Oct-2001: Some improvements in the “Info-file” editor of AutoUpgrader Pro component (v3.0.5).
Fixed bug in AppBar component (v1.7.2). (There was strange behavior on docking the AppBar to the right or bottom sides of screen, with pre-configured minimal size of form.)
2-Oct-2001: Updated FileStorage (v2.8.3) and AutoUpgrader Pro (v3.0.3) components.
27-Sep-2001: Fixed minor bug in self-upgrading mechanism of the AutoUpgrader Pro component + fixed grammar error in English resources. Uploaded new version (3.0.2).
25-Sep-2001: AppControls v2.3.2 released! See press release.
24-Sep-2001: AutoUpgrader Pro! released! It contains built-in Application update wizard, multi-language support and many others great features. See press release and online manuals on AutoUpgrader Pro for more details.
19-Sep-2001: New component, UnixCrypt, the ultra fast crypt implementation for Delphi/C++ Builder. It works exactly as crypt(key, salt) Unix comand (one-way encryption algorithm), which used to encrypt passwords in .htpasswd files in password protected Web directories.
This component also added to AppControls v2.3.1.
10-Sep-2001: AppControls v2.3 released! See versions history for more details.
7-Sep-2001: FormHelp v3.5 released! Bugfixes and improvements:
 1.Fixed problem with appearance of context-sensitive help windows without shadow;
 2.Added ParentFont property which helps to make uniform appearance for context-sensitive help as well as for usual controls;
 3.Added UseF1 property which can allow or disallow displaying of the context-sensitive help windows when user press F1 key;
 4."What's This?" menu item does not pops up anymore if the control already have own popup menus (even non-standard, like Jordan's Russels Toolbar2000 menus).
31-Aug-2001: DiskControls v3.2 released! See versions history for more details.
24-Aug-2001: Added registration page for software developers from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. If you don't have credit card — register our products here.
16-Aug-2001: DiskControls v3.1 released!
2-Aug-2001: The AppControls v2.2.1 released! Minor bugfixes in acCaptionButton, acAppBar and acFormSystemMenu components. Added new component, acDragPanel, great addition to acAppBar to allow user to move and dock the form dragging the panel that covers form. (DragPanel also added to stand-alone AppBar pack.)
20-July-2001: The DiskControls v3.0 Delphi 6 support and a lots of improvements. See press release.
16-July-2001: All our stand alone shareware components ported to Delphi 6!
15-July-2001: The AppControls v2.2 Delphi 6 support and a lots of improvements. See press release.
7-July-2001: The AppBar v1.6 released. Fixed problem with docking / dragging form on screen when the "Show window contents while dragging" Windows option is disabled.
6-June-2001: The DiskControls v2.9 released! Added new component - dcFileCRC, which calculates a CRC (Cyclic Redundency Check) for any files. Supports three methods of checking: CRC32, CRC16 and CRCArc.
Improved the dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner components. Added new features which allows you to specify the priority of the searching thread (TheadPriority property), lets to suspend and resume the searching "on the fly" at run-time (Suspended property), wait for the search results before continuing next steps of your program (WaitThread property).
6-June-2001: The DiskControls v2.9 released! Added new component - dcFileCRC, which calculates a CRC (Cyclic Redundency Check) for any files. Supports three methods of checking: CRC32, CRC16 and CRCArc.
Improved the dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner components. Added new features which allows you to specify the priority of the searching thread (TheadPriority property), lets to suspend and resume the searching "on the fly" at run-time (Suspended property), wait for the search results before continuing next steps of your program (WaitThread property).
21-May-2001: Updated the AppControls (v2.1). Fixed bug in the acTrayIcon component, which was prevented the Win2000 from shutting down (or logging off) when the tray icon was visible in the taskbar status area.
19-May-2001: The AppControls v2.0 released! A lot of improvements and 20 new components: acHTTP, acExtAssociation, acShortcut, acFormResizeGrip, acLabel, acURLLabel, acRichLabel, acCheckBox, acRadioButton, acCheckGroupBox, acButton, acBitBtn, acEdit, acNumberEdit, acIPEdit, acMRUComboBox, acTreeView, acListView and acDateTimeCalc.
  Updated the acFormHelp component. The text of the context-sensitive help now can be adjusted within a popup window. Fixed problem with triggering of the OnHide event by OnShow.
  Improved the acAppBar. Added several new properties and methods for more flexible management of the AppBar window.
  Fixed small bug in the acFormHints component. In previous releases the balloon-style hint could be displayed semi-transparent (even if Transparent property is False), when user moves the mouse too quickly and hint did not have time to disappear.
27-Apr-2001: The AppBar component v1.4 released. Fixed small bug with auto-hiding the AppBar on program startup and added two new events OnHiding/OnUnhiding. Fixed minor problem with "unhiding" of the AppBar when it need to accept some data by drag'n'drop. Also updated component able to store its settings either to the system registry and INI files.
04-Apr-2001: The AppControls pack v1.1 released:
  • Improved the acFormHelp component. New version of the FormHelp can apply the “What's This?” menu item to every control with context-sensitive help in the secondary part of hint, and invokes the context help either after pressing the "Help" button on the title bar or after selecting “What's This?” menu item.
The Help-designer now forces out all others installed Hint property editors to let you to edit the context-sensitive help in WYSIWYG mode, not worrying about conflicts with Hint editors by another vendors. (the stand-alone FormHelp updated as well)
  • Updated acAnimationEffect component. The smooth effect now based on system-wide events istead of using the OnShow and OnHide form events.
  • Improved the acAutoUpgrader component. Updated version can upgrade the applications even if it used by many users at the same time (i.e.: users starts the program from network drive) and the executable file is locked. (the stand-alone AutoUpgrader updated as well)
02-Apr-2001: The CaptionButton component and CaptionButtons collection released. See details below…
31-Mar-2001: The AppControls pack v1.0.4 released:
  • Fixed some bugs in the CaptionButton class and all its successors (acCaptionButton, acAppAutoRun, acTrayIcon, acFormHelp, acFormTopmost). New version more correctly displays the caption buttons if the form don't have a regular buttons (when Form.BorderStyle=bsNone). Fixed some problems with appearing of the tooltips (hints) when the form contains main menu. Custom cursors for the caption buttons is flickersfree now.
  • Updated acWavPlayer component (some minor optimizations).
28-Mar-2001: The AppControls pack v1.0.3 released:
  • Added new component, acWin2kEffects, which enables to produce some special effects of the Windows 98 / 2000. You can show roll, slide and alpha-blending animation effects on showing and hiding windows, make your forms translucent, flash the caption bars and taskbar icons.
  • Improved the acTrayIcon component. Now it supports the cartoon-style balloon tooltips - a nonintrusive way to display an explanatory message for a status bar icon, implementation a balloon tooltip with its stem pointing to the icon. The ToolTip will disappear when clicked, but you can also specify a time-out value. The information balloon can appears after minimizing of the forms to the system tray or after calling the ShowInfoBalloon method. New feature will works on Windows 2000 and later only. You can call the information balloons in lower Windows versions, however nothing will happends. (The improved TrayIcon component also appeared in CaptionButtons collection v3.1)
  • Cosmetic improvements and bugfixes in acOnlyOne and acAnimationEffect components.
  • Added 7 useful GDI routines to acGraphics unit.
20-Mar-2001: The AppControls pack v1.0.3 released:
  • Fixed the acFormMagnet component. Now forms with FormMagnet can attract and attach other forms more correctly, independently of taskbar placement. (stand alone FormMagnet component updated as well)
  • Added 5 new events to the acAppEvents component of the AppControls pack (v1.0.2). New events lets you to hook ALL keypresses and ALL mouse clicks/movements within entire application.
19-Mar-2001: Updated the Disk Controls pack. What's new in v2.6 ?:
  • Added new component - dcVersionInfo, used to extract version information from a file.
  • Improved the dcBrowseDialog component. Added two new properties which affects on dialog appearance, and two options which let users to browse either for folders and files at the same time.
  • The dcClasses unit renamed to dcInternal to avoid conflict with DreamCompany's libraries (which also uses “dc” prefix in module names).
1. Fixed some cosmetic problems with tooltips of the FormRoller component of CaptionButtons collection + added some new properties which can show the rolling process with smooth animation.
2. Fixed small bug with long filename of an EXE in the AppAutoRun component (from the CaptionButtons collection too).
These bugfixes will be added to the AppControls pack in couple of days, once we done some others improvements for FormMagnet and AppEvents components.
13-Mar-2001: We have upgraded the download panel in member's area. Sorry to all who had problems with logging in.
Also updated ToDo list (check out right side of this page), we'll release new versions of FormHelp and AutoUpgrader components soon…
6-Mar-2001: Official opening of the website. All registered users of UtilMind's components received FREE upgrades.
2-Mar-2001: Full featured DiskControls v2.5 released.
18-Feb-2001: Full featured AppControls v1.0 released. Unfortunately, the documentation not yet completely done (approx. 90% complete), we still working on them. Sorry for any inconveniences you may have and please contact us with any questions.
12-Feb-2001: Update for 9 shareware components, parts of AppControls pack for separate distribution:
AnimationEffect v1.5
AppBar v1.1
AutoUpgrader v2.9
CaptionButton v3.0
CaptionButtons collection v3.0
FileStorage v2.5
FormHelp v3.0
FormHints v2.5
FormMagnet v2.0 (former Magnet&Glue)
4-Feb-2001: DiskControls v2.5 beta released. For beta-testers only.
11-Jan-2001: AppControls v1.0 beta released for limited number of beta-testers.
29-Dec-2000: This website, AppControls.Com finally appears online! The AppControls.Com developed as part of Utilmind Solutions network, for distribution of our Delphi-related products. All UtilMind's Delphi-related stuff will be moved to AppControls.Com shortly…
12-Nov-2000: Alpha-version of the AppControls pack released for internal use in our company, in couple of custom projects.
Help What's cooking ?
“To do” list (sorted by priority)
1. Update the FormMagnet component to make it act exactly as forms of the WinAmp player. Further improvements:
 1. Let forms to be docked to the inner edges of another forms.
 2. Allows to magnetize the docked forms to the screen edges when they're moved using the glue of the master form.
 3. Allows to attach (glue) forms by chains, even if they're not touching the master form with their borders.
2. Add support of hyperlinks to the FormHelp and RichLabel components.
3. Implement drag'n'drop support for dcFolderListView from DiskControls pack, add dcFileTail component which works like Tail command in Unix.
4. Move all freeware components from our corporate website (btw, the OutlookHeader and TreeComboBox components become freeware).
5. Create demonstration programs for AppControls (for Demonstrations area which actually empty).
6. Prepare and upload the “QuickStart Panel” to the win32 tools section.
7. “Frequently Asked Questions” section.
8. …a lot of ideas about new features and improvements of the components! We'll add them to this list soon…
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VCL Libraries
 AppControls v2.3.3 25-Jul-2007
 DiskControls v3.2 27-Apr-2007

 AnimationEffect v1.7 27-Apr-2007
 AppBar v1.7.2 3-Sep-2007
 AutoUpgrader v2.9.1 27-Apr-2007
 AutoUpgrader Pro v3.0.5 4-Sep-2007
 CaptionButton v3.4 27-Apr-2007
 CaptionButtons v3.4 27-Apr-2007
 FileStorage v2.8.1 27-Apr-2007
 FormHelp v3.5 27-Apr-2007
 FormHints v2.7 27-Apr-2007
 FormMagnet v2.2 27-Apr-2007  UnixCrypt v1.0 28-Apr-2007

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