treecombobox TreeOptions property
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Applies to
tcTreeComboBox component.  

  TacTreeViewOptions = class  
    property AutoExpand: Boolean default False;  
    property FullExpand: Boolean default False;  
    property MouseTrack: Boolean default True;  
    property RowSelect: Boolean default False;  
    property ShowButtons: Boolean default True;  
    property ShowLines: Boolean default True;  
    property ShowRoot: Boolean default True;  
    property Tooltips: Boolean default True;  
property TreeOptions: TacTreeViewOptions;  

The TreeOptions structure used to specify some behaviours of the TreeView embedded to drop-down window of tcTreeComboBox control.  
There are possible properties of embedded TreeView control:  
AutoExpandSpecifies whether the nodes in the tree view automatically expand and collapse depending on the selection;  
FullExpandSpecifies whether the TreeComboBox should automatically expand all the nodes and their sub-nodes upon DropDown (tip alternativaly you can just expand nodes in OnDropDown event handler);  
MouseTrackSpecifies whether the selection should always hovers the tree node under mouse pointer, even when user move mouse over tree view without clicking;  
RowSelectSpecifies whether the entire row of the selected item is highlighted;  
ShowButtonsSpecifies whether to display plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to the left side of each parent item;  
ShowLinesSpecifies whether to display the lines that link child nodes to their corresponding parent nodes;  
ShowRootSpecifies whether lines connecting top-level nodes are displayed;  
TooltipsSpecifies whether the items in the tree view have tooltips.  

See also
AcceptOnDblClick, ShowEditor, SelectedNode and TreeView properties.