treecombobox AttachedLabel structure
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Applies to
tcTreeComboBox component.  


  TacAttachedLabelPosition = (lpAbove, lpBelow, lpLeft, lpRight);  
  TacAttachedLabelSpacingKind = (skNearPoint, skFarPoint);  
  TacAttachedLabel = class  
    property Caption: TCaption;  
    property Color: TColor default clBtnFace;  
    property Cursor: TCursor default crDefault;  
    property Enabled: Boolean;  
    property FocusOnClick: Boolean default True;  
    property Font: TFont;  
    property HintString;  
    property ParentColor: Boolean default True;  
    property ParentFont: Boolean default True;  
    property ParentShowHint: Boolean default True;  
    property PopupMenu: TPopupMenu;  
    property PositionTtcAttachedLabelPosition default lpLeft;  
    property ShowAccelChar: Boolean default True;  
    property ShowHint: Boolean default False;  
    property Spacing: Integer default 4;  
    property SpacingKindTtcAttachedLabelSpacingKind default skNearPoint;  
    property Transparent: Boolean default False;  
    property Visible: Boolean;  
    property WordWrap: Boolean default False;  

The AttachedLabel structure lets you to operate with the label attached to the some side of control (at the left or right side, above or below). You can specify the behaviour of label, its position near the control, and accelerator key for the control (character in caption, after ampersand (&)).  
tip The label always associated with the control. When user press the accelerator key (Alt + Character, specified after ampersand (&)), the input focus will be imediately switched to the labeled control. The input focus also will be moved to the control if user clicks the label with mouse.  

Screenshot (the labels at the left side is attached to the edit control):

See also
OnLabelClick and OnLabelDblClick events.