sendmail MsgContentCharset property
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Applies to
SendMail component.  

property MsgContentCharset: String// 'iso-8859-1' by default  

The MsgContentCharset property determines the charaters set used in the text of e-mail message. This parameter always included to the message to allow the e-mail client to determinate which charset should be used to display the message.  
iiwarning You should programmatically handle conversion of text to required code table if the content charset of e-mail is different than charset used on typing a message. Otherwise the text mey appears to be broken. (FYI: 'iso-8859-1' is the standard Western European code table, AFAIK, 'iso-8859-1' is the same as 'us-ascii'.)  
tip The SendMail automatically converts the text from Windows to KOI8 table ('koi8-r' is the standard Russian charset used in e-mail messages), if the When MsgContentCharset = 'koi8-r'. (So Russian programmers may do not worry about this.)  

See also
MsgContentType, MsgBody and MsgSubject properties.