iesniffer OnWBTitleChange event
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Applies to
IESniffer component.  

  TIEWebBrowserTextChange = procedure(Sender: TObject; const URL: Stringconst Browser: IWebBrowser2;  
    const Text: WideString) of object;  
property OnWBTitleChange: TIEWebBrowserTextChange;  

The OnWBTitleChange event occurs when the title of a document in the IWebBrowser2 interface becomes available or changes.  
Write an OnWBTitleChange event handler to respond when the Web browser obtains information about the document title. Because the title can change while an HTML page is downloading, LocationName is originally set to the URL of the document. After the title specified in the HTML page, if any, becomes available, LocationName is changed to reflect the actual title.  
The Browser parameter is the IWebBrowser2 interface that is unloading a document.  
Text is the newly-available title of the document.  

See also
OnWBStatusTextChange event.