iesniffer OnURLChange event
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Applies to
IESniffer component.  

  TIESnifferEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; const URL: Stringconst Browser: IWebBrowser2) of object;  
property OnURLChange: TIESnifferEvent;  

The OnURLChange event occurs when the URL in the address line of Explorer changes.  
Use OnURLChange event to be notified when user viewing the content from some particular location and grab that URL address from certain Browser.  
tip Normally the OnURLChange event occurs at once after detecting the new instance of Internet Explorer (after OnWindowLoad), to notify your application about new URL address, and when the user navigates not another location (before OnWBTitleChange and OnWBNavigateComplete2 occur, if the URL is different than before).  

See also
SniffWithHTTPPrefixOnly property;  
OnWindowLoad, OnWBTitleChange, OnWBBeforeNavigate2, OnWBNavigateComplete2, OnWBDownloadComplete and OnWBDocumentComplete events.