iesnifferautofilluserinfo RegistrySaver property
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Applies to
IESnifferAutoFillUserInfo component.  

  TRegLocation = (rlCurrentUser, rlLocalMachine);  
  TIESnifferAutoFillRegistrySaver = class  
    property Enabled: Boolean;  
    property RegKey: String;  
    property RegLocation: TRegLocation;  
property RegistrySaver: TIESnifferAutoFillRegistrySaver;  

The RegistrySaver structure used to automatically save and retreive the values for Fields structure from registry.  
To let the component automatically retreive the Fields from registry on program startup — set Enabled property to True. To specify the registy key and location where the text should be stored — specify RegKey and RegLocation properties.  
iiinfo To save the Fields to registry after their modification — call Save method.  

See also
Fields property;  
Save method.