iesnifferautofilluserinfo Fill method
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Applies to
IESnifferAutoFillUserInfo component.  

procedure Fill(const Browser: IWebBrowser2; BackgroundColor: TColor = clNone; TextColor: TColor = clNone;  
  HighlightOnly: Boolean = False; ScanFrames: Boolean = True); overload;  
procedure Fill(const Document: IHTMLDocument2; BackgroundColor: TColor = clNone; TextColor: TColor = clNone;  
  HighlightOnly: Boolean = False; ScanFrames: Boolean = True); overload;  

The Fill method used to mark or fill the fields of the Web forms with text specified in Fields structure.  
Browser (or Document) parameter points to the interface which holds the web page.  
BackgroundColor and TextColor is the optional parameters used to specify custom background and text colors for marked form fields.  
HighlightOnly parameter can be set to True, if you just want to highlight fields which could be filled, without filling them.  
ScanFrames is also optional parameter, which specifies whether the method should scan all frames inside the specified Browser interface or Document.  

procedure TIEBandForm.AutoFillBtnClick(Sender: TObject);  

See also
AutoFill, AutoHighlight, HighlightColor, HighlightTextColor and Fields properties;  
IESniffer component.