iesnifferautofilluserinfo Fields property
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Applies to
IESnifferAutoFillUserInfo component.  

  TIESnifferAutoFillUserFields = class(TPersistent)  
    property FullName: String;  
    property Company: String;  
    property JobTitle: String;  
    property Email: String;  
    property Phone: String;  
    property Fax: String;  
    property TaxIDNumber: String;  
    property AddressLine1: String;  
    property AddressLine2: String;  
    property City: String;  
    property State: String;  
    property ZipCode: String;  
    property Country: String;  
property Fields: TIESnifferAutoFillUserFields;  

The Fields structure used to specify the user details information: full name, email, phone, fax and full address information. This information can be automatically put by the component to Web forms if AutoFill property is True, or after calling the Fill method.  
iiinfo The component don't highlight and don't fill that fields where the text is empty.  
tip To specify custom fields, i.e, bank account information, social security number, or something else — use CustomFields property.  

See also
AutoFill, AutoHighlight, CustomFields, FillTokens and RegistrySaver properties;  
Fill method.