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iesnifferIESniffer - monitors all running instances of Internet Explorer (or just some certain browser window(s)), sniffs the URL address from address line and gives an access to all their properties, methods and events (without implementing/installing ANY Browser Helper Objects). The component can work either in stand-alone Delphi/BCB application or can be put to Explorer Toolbar written with Delphi/BCB. The IESniffer allows:  
·list the URLs which currently are available in the address lines of each browser window, and to be notified when the address changes;  
·detect when new Internet Explorer window appears and when user close the window;  
·hook each event of the Internet Explorer, modify its properties and call their methods, just like you are using usual TWebBrowser component;  
·retrieve and modify the content of each page (its text, tags, links, images etc), for example you may highlight some text, remove or change the text, tags etc;  
·automatically fill the Web forms;  
·redirect navigation to different URL when some keywords are detected in the address line;  
·automatically redirect searches from default MSN to another specified search engine (it works when user enters search terms right in address line without specifying correct address);  
·prevent popup windows to be opened (documentation deminstrates an example how to eliminate ALL popup windows), and so on…  

iesnifferautofilluserinfo   IESnifferAutoFillUserInfo - the "plug-in" for IESniffer component, used to fill the Web forms with specified information.

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