formhelp MenuItem property
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Applies to
FormHelp component as subproperty of WhatsThis structure.  

property MenuItem: TMenuItem;  

The MenuItem property points to the "What's This?" menu item (in any menu, main or popup). When user clicks this menu item, the cursor will be changed to a question mark with a pointer.  
If the user then clicks a control in the form, the control receives a WM_HELP message to show the context-sensitive help taken from secondary part of the Hint property.  
tip When you point this property to the menu item, you don't need to handle OnClick event of this element of menu. The FormHelp will handle if for you automatically. However, if you need to specify many "What's this?" menu items — call the InvokeHelpPointer method in the OnClick event handler of this menu item, without pointing this property to it.  

See also
ToolbarButton property and InvokeHelpPointer method.