formhelp WhatsThis structure
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Applies to
FormHelp component.  

  TfhWhatsThis = class  
    property Enabled: Boolean;  
    property CaptionString// Caption for "What's this?" menu item. Use this property for localization  
    property MenuItem: TMenuItem;  
    property ToolbarButton: TControl;  
property WhatsThis: TfhWhatsThis;  

The WhatsThis structure used to specify whether the FormHelp component supports the "What's This?" feature (whether every control on the form contains the "What's This?" menu item associated with the context-sensitive help), to specify the Caption for this menu item (i.e. in the multilingual programs), and specify the external menu item and toolbar button which operates with the built-in context-sensitive help.  
When the Enabled property is True, the FormHelp will add the "What's This ?" menu item to every control of the form with context-sensitive help in the secondary part of Hint property. When user selects the "What's This ?" menu item, the context-sensitive help associated with the control will appears.