formhelp TagClose property
Using tags in context-sensitive help
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Applies to
FormHelp component.  

property TagClose: Char;  

The TagClose property specifies the sign which means the ending of formatting area of rich-text. The FormHelp's tags is similar to brackets "<>" of tags in HTML format. Default TagClose value is "]" sign.  

Examples of standard tags

[b] - makes text after this tag bold.  
[i] - makes text after this tag italic  
[biu] - makes text after this tag bold, italic and underlined.  
[] - clears text formatting.  
[red] - makes text after this tag red.  
[lime] - makes text after this tag light green (lime).  
[def] or [default] - returns the text formatting to default state as specified in Font property.  

If PlainText property is True, nor rich text will be displayed. All formating will be shown as usual flat text.  

See also
TagOpen and PlainText properties and example of rich-text formatting of context help.