versioninfo FileMinorVersion property
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Applies to
dcVersionInfo component.  

property FileMinorVersion: LongInt; // Read only!  

FileMinorVersion represents the right-most 32 bits of the file version number.  
FileMinorVersion and FileMajorVersion are used together to build a 64-bit file version number. The 64-bit value is represented in Microsoft's file version format.  
tip Use HiWord(FileMinorVersion) and LoWord(FileMinorVersion) functions to convert this 32-bit number to 16-bit values which represents the release and build numbers for specified file.  
Following code demonstrates how to convert FileMajorVersion value to the build and release numbers:  
with dcVersionInfo1 do  
  Label1.Caption := IntToStr(HiWord(FileMinorVersion)) + '.' + IntToStr(LoWord(FileMinorVersion));  

See also
FileMajorVersion, ProductMajorVersion, ProductMinorVersion, FileVersion, FileVersionFloat properties.