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30.05.2005 3.8.3
Fixes and optimizations in dcThread class, and dcFolderMonitor component.  

15.12.2004 3.8.2
Support of Win32 platform of Delphi 2005.  

28.06.2004 3.8.1
The IncludeList and ExcludeList of dcMultiDiskScanner component does not allow to add duplicate string anymore + allows to export and import the pathes to the TStringList.  

27.05.2004 3.8
Bugfixes and optimizations.  

21.05.2003 3.7
dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner now supports UNC names and can search folders in local network.  
dcFolderView supports XP themes.  
Some minor code optimizations.  

05.11.2002 3.6
Added MonitorType property and CheckChanges method to dcFileTail component. These improvements allows to choose the kind of monitoring for changes in specified file and "manually" check it for changes without using separate thread.  

21.09.2002 3.5
Release for Delphi 7 and a couple of minor fixes.  

24.08.2002 3.4
Added dcFileTail, utility component with functionality similar to the tail command in Unix.  
A lots of improvements in dcFolderListView component.  

07.09.2001 3.3
Improved dcFileInfo component. Now you can change also file attributes (FileAttributes property).  
Added MIMEType property to dcFileAssociation component. The new property allows to specify and determinate the media type of file extension.  

31.08.2001 3.2
Improved dcBrowseDialog and dcFolderEdit control. Added "Create new folder" button (NewFolder structure) to the browse-for-folder dialog.  
Improved dcFileInfo component. Now you can also change the date/time when the file was created, accessed or modified (TimeCreated, TimeLastAccessed and TimeLastModified properties).  

23.08.2001 3.1
Bufixes / corrections in WaitThread and SearchAttributes properties of dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner components.  
Fixed bug in dcFileInfo component (FileSize property now returns correct file size in BCB 4/5).  

20.07.2001 3.0
Added 6 new components: dcFolderListView, dcFolderMonitor, dcVirtualDrives, dcFileEdit, dcFolderEdit and dcSystemImageList.  
Completely redesigned the dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner engines. Both components was optimized for speed + added some additional properties/events (FindAllFolders and Files properties to dcDiskScanner; OnFolderNotFound event to dcMultiDiskScanner; UseIcons property both to dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner). Note that OnFileFound event is incompatible with previous versions due to additional parameters. (FileTime and SysImageIndex. The FileTime returns date/time of last modification and SysImageIndex is the icon index in the system image list (see dcSystemImageList component.)  
Completely redesigned the dcShellProperties component. Now it's supports additional options of the context menu + contains events which allows to hook, handle and discard context menu commands.  
The dcShellExtension component was slightly improved and renamed to dcFileAssociation + added new property, ExtCommandName.  
Added Directory, Temporary, Compressed and Offline flags to the FileAttributes property and TimeLastAccessed property to dcFileInfo component.  
Added SysImageIndex properties to the dcFileInfo, dcDiskInfo and dcShellIcon components. The SysImageIndex returns the index of icon in the system image list.  
Changes in the dcBrowseDialog component: Title property renamed to the StatusText; Caption renamed to Title.  
Improved dcVersionInfo component. Added 4 new properties which represents 16-bit values for version number: FileVerMajor, FileVerMinor, FileVerRelease, FileVerBuild.  
a lots of others minor improvements...  

06.06.2001 2.9
Added new component - dcFileCRC, which calculates a CRC (Cyclic Redundency Check) for any files. Supports three methods of checking: CRC32, CRC16 and CRCArc.  
Improved the dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner components. Added new features which allows you to specify the priority of the searching thread (TheadPriority property), lets to suspend and resume the searching "on the fly" at run-time (Suspended property), wait for the search results before continuing next steps of your program (WaitThread property).  
Added two methods to the TDiskScanList class (which operates with Include and Exclude lists of the dcMultiDiskScanner component): SaveToFile and LoadFromFile. These methods allows to save and restore the searching rules from the flat-text files.  

24.05.2001 2.8
Updated the dcFileInfo, dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner components. Improvements allows to get the information from opened files.  
Fixed small bug in the dcFileInfo, now it correctly return size for huge files over 2Gb. The type of FileSize property has been changed to Int64.  

26.04.2001 2.7
Minor bugfixes and optimizations in the dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner components.  

19.03.2001 2.6
Added new component — dcVersionInfo, used to extract version information from a file.  
Improved the dcBrowseDialog. Added two new properties which affects on dialog appearance, and two options which let users to browse either for folders and files at the same time.  
The dcClasses unit renamed to dcInternal to avoid conflict with DreamCompany's libraries (which also uses "dc" prefix in module names).  

23.02.2001 2.5
Minor improvements in the DiskScanner engine (in DiskScannerThread).  
   Component names changed from TComponentName to TdcComponentName.  
   Added 8 new components:  

25.09.2000 2.1
Some bugfixes and improvements at dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner. Now they supports files with size more than 2 gigabytes (FileSize parameter of the OnFileFound event changed to Extended).  

08.08.2000 2.0
DiskControls pack. Completely rewritten scanning mechanism. Added our old DiskInfo, FileInfo and DiskBrowser components (was distributed by UtilMind Solutions as separate freeware/shareware components since 1999). Package now contains 5 components.  

24.06.2000 1.5
Improvements of MultiDiskScanner. Added IncludeList and ExcludeList properties. MultiDiskScanner now considering the searching file attributes, size and time same way as it DiskScanner does.  

17.06.2000 1.2
Added MultiDiskScanner component which able to search files in multiple locations. Minor imrovements in the DiskScanner engine.  

11.06.2000 1.0
Initial public release of the TDiskScanner component.  

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