shelllink FILENAME property
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Applies to
dcFileInfo, dcFileCRC, dcFileTail, dcShellIcon, dcShellLink, dcShellProperties, dcOpenDialog, dcSaveDialog components.  

property FILENAME: String;  

The FILENAME property specifies the name of shortcut file, to read the information from the shell link (.LNK file). At once after pointing the FILENAME to the shortcut, the dcShellLink component will read all link information to fill other properties with determinated values.  
tip The FILENAME property is an alternative way to read the information from the shell link and does the same as LoadFromFile method. However, unlike the LoadFromFile, the FILENAME property works either at run- and design-time, so you can play with the component specifying the .LNK files and reading shortcut information even at design-time.  

See also
LinkTarget and WorkingDirectory properties.