shellicon Options property
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Applies to
dcShellIcon component.  

  TdcShellIconOptions = set of (ioDereferenceShellLinks, ioLinkOverlay, ioOpen, ioSelected);  
property Options: TdcShellIconOptions;  

The Options property specifies the type of the icon, associated with shell object, specified in the FileName property, to retrieve this icon from the Windows shell.  
The Options for the icons are following:  
ioDereferenceShellLinksIf True - removes the shortcut mark shortcut from the retrieved icon, if the FileName points to the shortcut file;  
ioLinkOverlayputs the shortcut mark to the retrieved icon (i.e: linkoverlay), if True;  
ioOpenretrieves the icon "in open state". For example, opened folder icon is foldopen;  
ioSelectedIf True, the retrieved icon will be displayed as "selected" (i.e: foldopenselected).  

See also
FileName property.