multidiskscanner OnScanFolder event
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Applies to
dcMultiDiskScanner and dcDiskScanner components.  

  TdcScanFolderEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; Folder: Stringof object;  
property OnScanFolder: TdcScanFolderEvent;  

The OnScanFolder event occurs when the dcMultiDiskScanner component is about to search the subfolder that located under any folder specified in IncludeList criteria. MultiDiskScanner never search same directory twice per one session.  
The Folder parameter determines the folder which about to be scanned.  
tip If the folder which about to be scanned is not exists - OnFolderNotExist event occurs.  

See also
OnFolderNotExist, OnFileFound, OnScanDone events;  
Execute, Stop methods.