multidiskscanner OnScanDone event
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Applies to
dcMultiDiskScanner and dcDiskScanner components.  

  TdcScanDoneEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject;  
    TotalFiles: Integer; TotalSize: Extended;  
    ElapsedTimeInSeconds: Integer) of object;  
property OnScanDone: TdcScanDoneEvent;  

The OnScanDone event occurs once the dcMultiDiskScanner component completes the scanning process by ALL criterias specified in the IncludeList property. Use this event handler to get the total number of found files (TotalFiles parameter), their total size (TotalSize parameter, use FloatToStr function to convert this value to string), + and time that passes after starting of the disk scanning (ElapsedTimeInSeconds - time that passes after calling the Execute method).  
The OnScanDone also occurs after calling of the Stop method, to return the total number of found files and their total size.  

See also
OnFileFound, OnScanFolder events;  
Execute, Stop methods.