foldermonitor ThreadPriority property
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Applies to
dcFolderMonitor, dcFileTail, dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner components.  

property ThreadPriority: TThreadPriority;  

The ThreadPriority property determines the thread's scheduling priority relative to other threads in the process.  
ThreadPriority indicates and specifies the priority of searching process relatively to the main application thread. Adjust the priority higher or lower as needed.  
TThreadPriority type defines the possible values for the Priority property of the TThread component, as defined in the following table. Windows schedules CPU cycles to each thread based on a priority scale; the Priority property adjusts a thread's priority higher or lower on the scale.  

tpIdleThe thread executes only when the system is idle-Windows won't interrupt other threads to execute a thread with tpIdle priority.  
tpLowestThe thread's priority is two points below normal.  
tpLowerThe thread's priority is one point below normal.  
tpNormalThe thread has normal priority.  
tpHigherThe thread's priority is one point above normal.  
tpHighestThe thread's priority is two points above normal.  
tpTimeCriticalThe thread gets highest priority.  
iiwarning Boosting the thread priority of a CPU intensive operation may "starve" the other threads in the application. Only apply priority boosts to threads that spend most of their time waiting for external events.