folderlistview SortDirection property
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Applies to
dcFolderListView component.  

  TdcListViewSortDirection = (sdAscending, sdDescending);  
property SortDirection: TdcListViewSortDirection;  

The SortDirection property controls the sorting direction for currently sorted column. The direction can be ascending (sdAscending) or descending (sdDescending).  
tip User can change the sorting direction at run-time, clicking the column header or selecting "Sort Ascending" or "Sort Descending" menu items in the header popup menu.  

Snapshoot (the sort mark always point accordingly to current sorting direction)
iiwarning The arrow-style sort mark can be invisible if the list is unsorted (SortType = stNone).  

See also
SortColumn, ShowSortMark and HeaderMenu properties.