folderlistview ShowAllFolders property
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Applies to
dcFolderListView component.  

property ShowAllFolders: Boolean; // True by default  

The ShowAllFolders property controls whether you would like to show ALL directories, which even does not match to the searching mask (FileMask property).  
Set ShowAllFolders and saDirectory flag in FileAttributes to True, to show all folders within the search path.  
If you don't want to show folders at all - just set saDirectory flag in FileAttributes to False.  
tip This property very useful in situation when you would like to find and show only files with certain type(s) + would like to show all directories (with any extension) withiin the scanning folder. ShowAllFolders are similiar to FindAllFolders property of the dcDiskScanner component.  
iiwarning The dcFolderListView will not show ANY folders if saDirectory flag of FileAttributes property is False.  

See also
FileMask and FileAttributes properties;  
FindAllFolders property of dcDiskScanner component.