folderlistview Name structure
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Applies to
dcFolderListView component as subproperty of the Columns structure.  

  TdcListColumn = class  
    property Alignment: TAlignment;  
    property Caption: String;  // 'Name' by default  
    property Width: TWidth;    // 180 by default  
    property Visible: Boolean; // Always True and read-only!!  
property Name: TdcListColumn;  

The TdcListColumn structure intended to specify parameters for certain column of the dcFolderListView. You can set the Alignment, Caption (use it to localize the header) and Width of the header column, and whether you would like to show or hide this column (Visible property).  
tip The Name column is visible by default. To hide it - set Visible property to False. To translate the caption to another language - specify your own text in Caption.  

See also
Name, Size, FileType, Modified and Attributes structures (columns).