folderlistview Options property
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Applies to
dcFolderListView component.  

  TdcFolderListViewOptions = set of (floOpenFiles, floExploreFolders, floShowContextMenu, floAllowDelete, floOleDrag, floOleDrop);  
property Options: TdcFolderListViewOptions;  

The Options property specifies behaivor of the dcFolderListView, giving to the list view or restricting some abilities of standard Windows Explorer.  
There are possible flags:  
floOpenFilesDetermines whether the user can open files or execute programs doubleclicking the file icon or pressing the "Enter" on selected list item. (If floExploreFolders flag is False and user doubleclicks the folder, it will opens the folder in separate window.);  
floExploreFoldersDetermines whether user can pass to the subfolders doubleclicking the folder icon image (or selecting "Explore" item in the context menu for the list item, when floShowContextMenu is True).  
When floExploreFolder is True, user also can press "Enter" to pass to the subfolder, or press "Backspace" to return back to the up-level folder;  
floShowContextMenuWhether the context menu for the shell object should pops up when user clicks right mouse button on list item;  
floAllowDeleteDetermines whether the FolderListView should allow deleting files when user clicks "Del" button or selects "Delete" item in the context menu.  
tip When floAllowDelete is False you can handle deleting programatically calling the DeleteSelectedFiles method. If you want to disallow user to rename files - just set ReadOnly property of the dcFolderListView to False.  
floOleDragenables automatic Drag support via OLE. User can drag (move) files to any Windows Explorer window.  
floOleDropautomatic Drop support via OLE. When floOleDrop = True, user can drop to the FolderListView any files from the Windows Explorer.  

See also
Folder property and DeleteSelectedFiles method.