folderlistview OnToolTip event
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Applies to
dcFolderListView component.  

  TacListViewToolTipEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; var ToolTipText: String; Item: TListItem; LogicalCol: Integer) of object;  
property OnToolTip: TacListViewToolTipEvent;  

The OnToolTip event occurs when the dcFolderListView is about to show the tooltip (hint) for some partially hidden list item.  
The text for the tooltip, which is about to be displayed, transmitted to the event handler in the ToolTipText parameter. You can change it in the even handler.  
To determinate the list item under mouse pointer - use Item parameter. To determinate whether this item was a subitem - read the column number from the LogicalCol parameter.  

See also
ShowToolTip and ToolTipOptions properties.