folderlistview HeaderMenu structure
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Applies to
dcFolderListView component.  

  TdcListViewHeaderMenu = class  
    property AscendingItem: TMenuItem;  
    property DescendingItem: TMenuItem;  
    property PopupMenu: TPopupMenu;  
property HeaderMenu: TdcListViewHeaderMenu;  

The HeaderMenu structure specifies custom popup menu for the header sections of the dcFolderListView control. You can point custom PopupMenu + "Ascending" and "Descending" items in this menu, which will automatically change sorting direction when user selects these items.  
tip Usually you don't need to specify custom menu, because the dcFolderListView already has built-in menu with two default items "Sort Ascending" and "Sort Descending". Use the custom popup menu only if you would like to add additional features to the header menu or wish to translate the text for menu items to another language.  
If you don't want to show the popup menu for header columns at all - set ShowHeaderMenu property to False.  

See also
ShowHeaderMenu and SortDirection properties.