folderlistview Folder property
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Applies to
dcFolderListView component.  

property Folder: String// 'C:\' by default  

The Folder property identifies the current folder to view in the dcFolderListView control. Set this property to change the current folder, or read it to determine the current folder.  
At once after changing of the Folder property, the content of the list view will be automatically refreshed.  
tip To filter displayed context of the folder - use FileMask and FileAttributes property.  
To be notified when the Folder value is changed (when user passes to another subfolder, in example, clicking the folder icons) - use OnFolderChanged event. The OnFolderChanged event will NOT occurs when you changing the Folder value programatically.  

See also
FileMask and FileAttributes properties;  
OnFolderChanged event.