folderlistview FileMask property
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Applies to
dcFolderListView component.  

property FileMask: String// *.* by default  

The FileMask property is the wildcarded mask, filter which specifies which files you would like to show in the dcFolderListView control. The FileMask can contain wildcard characters (* and ?). For example, if you would to show only .PAS files - set FileMask to "*.pas". To show only .PAS files which begins from "a" character - set FileMask to "a*.pas"  
tip As well as the SearchMask property of the dcDiskScanner component, the FileMask can contain multiple mask, separated by semicolon (;). For example, if you would like to show only graphic files - set FileMask to "*.bmp;*.gif;*.jpg".  

iiwarning Even after specifying the filter mask, the dcFolderListView will show ALL folders as far as ShowAllFolders property is True, disregarding to FileMask.  
For example, if you would like to show only files and folders that begins from "a" character, set FileMask to "a*.*" and ShowAllFolders to False.  

See also
ShowAllFolders property.