folderedit DlgOptions property
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Applies to
dcFolderEdit component.  

  TdcBrowseDialogOptions = set of (soShowEditBox, soShowFiles, soShowStatusText, soShowPathInStatus, soShowSysAncestors, soShowNetworkFiles, soSelectRootFolders);  
property Options: TdcBrowseDialogOptions;  

The Options property specifies advanced options for folder-selection dialog. There are following possible options:  
soShowEditBoxshow edit box and allow to specify location typing the path in the edit box;  
soShowFilesshow files and allow to select them;  
soShowStatusTextshow the status line;  
soShowPathInStatusshow the path to selected folder in the status line;  
soShowSysAncestorsshow system shell folders (i.e: "Control Panel", "Printers" etc)  
soShowNetworkFilesshow files in local area network;  
soSelectRootFoldersallow to select root folders (i.e: C:\ or D:\).  

See also
DlgStatusText property;  
Options property of the dcBrowseDialog component.