fileoperations Options property
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Applies to
dcFileOperations, dcShellIcon, dcOpenDialog, dcSaveDialog, dcBrowseDialog components.  

  // File operation flags  
  TdcFileOperationsOptions = set of (fofAllowUndo, fofFilesOnly, fofNoConfirmation, fofNoConfirmMkDir, fofNoErrorUI, fofRenameCollision, fofSilent, fofSimpleProgress);  
property Options: TdcFileOperationsOptions;  

The Options property contains the flags which control the file operation. The Options can be a combination of following values:  
fofAllowUndoPreserves undo information, if possible. For example, if fofAllowUndo is False, the Delete operation will delete file(s) permamently instead of moving them to "Recycled bin";  
fofFilesOnlyPerforms the operation only on files if a wildcard filename (*.*) is specified;  
fofNoConfirmationResponds with "yes to all" for any dialog box that is displayed;  
fofNoConfirmMkDirDoes not confirm the creation of a new directory if the operation requires one to be created;  
fofNoErrorUIdon't show error message box;  
fofRenameCollisionGives the file being operated on a new name (such as "Copy #1 of...") in a move, copy, or rename operation if a file of the target name already exists;  
fofSilentDoes not display a progress dialog box;  
fofSimpleProgressDisplays a progress dialog box, but does not show the filenames. The value of ProgressTitle will be used instead of filenames  

See also
ProgressTitle and Operation properties.