filecrc Method property
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Applies to
dcFileCRC component.  

  TdcFileCRCMethod = (crc32, crc16, crcArc);  
property Method: TdcFileCRCMethod;  

The Method property of the dcFileCRC component used to specify the method of the cyclic redundency checking (CRC) to calculate the checksum for file specified in the FILENAME property. Result of calculation returned by CRC property.  
The dcFileCRC component supports 3 methods of the CRC calculation:  
crc32most frequently used way to perform the CRC checking. Used in such programs like ZIP, RAR, ARJ and so forth... Result of crc32 is 32-bit value;  
crc16CRC calculation applicable to the XModem protocol. Result is 16-bit value;  
crcArcmethod used by SEA's "ARC" utility. Result is 16-bit value.  

See also
FILENAME property.