diskscanner SearchTime property
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Applies to
dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner components.  

  TFindFilesByDateKind = (ffModified, ffCreated, ffAccessed);  
  TSearchTime = class  
    property AnyTime: Boolean; // True by default  
    property FindFiles: TFindFilesByDateKind;  
    property SinceTime: TDateTime;  
    property TillTime: TDateTime;  

The SearchTime is the list of properties that controls the time range for files that were created, modified or accessed during specific time period, specified by SinceTime and TillTime properties.  
AnyTime property controls whether the DiskScanner should consider the file time and find files with certain date/time. If AnyTime is True, DiskScanner will found files with any time (the modification / creation / access time will does not matter).  
FindFiles property controls what DiskScanner should consider:  
ffModifieddate and time of last modifications in the found file;  
ffCreateddate and time of file creation;  
ffAccesseddate when file was last accessed (used).  
SinceTime and TillTime properties controls the period of file creation or last modification.  

See also
Matches, SearchAttributes, SearchSize properties;  
OnFileFound event.