diskscanner SearchSize property
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Applies to
dcDiskScanner and dcMultiDiskScanner components.  

  TSearchSize = class  
    property AnySize: Boolean; // True by default  
    property MinSizeKB: Integer;  
    property MaxSizeKB: Integer;  

The SearchSize is the list of properties that controls the minimum and maximum file size range for files that dcDiskScanner must found.  
To specify the size range - make AnySize property False (AnySize = True means that DiskScanner component will find files with ANY size) and specify minimum and maximum sizes in kilobytes at MinSizeKB and MaxSizeKB properties.  
For example, if you would like to find files with size at least 50 kilobytes and at most 100 kilobytes, make MinSizeKB = 50, MaxSizeKB = 100 and AnySize = False.  

See also
Matches, SearchAttributes, SearchSize, SearchTime properties.