diskscanner IncludeSubfolders property
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Applies to
dcDiskScanner component.  

property IncludeSubfolders: Boolean;  

The IncludeSubfolders property controls whether you would like to search the files within a subdirectories of disk folder, specified by Folder property. Make this property True to include subfolders under the scanning path, or False to exclude.  
For example, if starting folder is "c:\" and IncludeSubfolders is True, then after calling Execute method, dcDiskScanner component will search whole disk.  

Even if you set the IncludeSubfolders to True, the DiskScanner will not scan hidden subfolders. To search hidden subfolders - set IncludeHiddenSubfolders to True also.  

See also
Folder and IncludeHiddenSubfolders properties, OnScanFolder event.