browsedialog SpecialLocation property
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Applies to
dcBrowseDialog component.  

  TdcBrowseDialogSpecialLocation =   
         (slNone, slDesktop,  
          slPrograms, slControlPanel,  
          slPrinters, slPersonal,  
          slFavorites, slStartup,  
          slRecent, slSendto,  
          slRecycleBin, slStartMenu,  
          slDesktopDirectory, slMyComputer,  
          slNetwork, slNethood,  
          slFonts, slTemplates);  
property SpecialLocation: TdcBrowseDialogSpecialLocation;  

The SpecialLocation property used to specify the special shell folder to browse.  
For example, if you would like to choose folders in "Start" menu, set SpecialLocation property to slStartMenu. If you wish to browse for printers and allow to choose only printers, set SpecialLocation property to slPrinters.  
tip If you would like to allow to browse only within drives (and don't show any special shell directories), set SpecialLocation to slMyComputer.  

See also
BrowseFor property.