captionbutton.gif GlyphDown property
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Applies to
CaptionButton component.

property GlyphDown: TBitmap; // 12x11 pixels optionally

The GlyphDown property specifies the bitmap that appears on the selected CaptionButton in pressed state (when Down property is True or when the user clicks this caption button).

If GlyphDown property is not specified (bitmap is empty), Glyph image will used for both button states (pressed and released). If Glyph image is not specified too, then will show the character, specified in Sign property to show it as button image.

Use the Open dialog box that appears as an editor in the Object Inspector to choose a bitmap file (with a .BMP extension) to use on the button, or specify a bitmap image at run-time.

Usually the bitmap size does not matter, but optionally, please use bitmap images with 12x11
pixels resolution.

See also
AllowPress, Down, Glyph properties.
OnPressed, OnReleased events.