http TransferBufferSize property
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Applies to
auHTTP and auAutoUpgrader components.  

  TauBufferSize = 256..MaxInt; // 2147483647 bytes maximum  
property ReadBufferSize: TauBufferSize; // 4096 bytes by default  

The TransferBufferSize property specifies the size of buffer (in bytes) for writing or reading data from the Web. For example, if TransferBufferSize is 4096 and you call Read method, the acHTTP will read data by 4Kb blocks and trigger OnProgress event every time after downloading each 4Kb of data.  
tip Also the value of TransferBufferSize serves as the size of rollback chunk, which automatically read the component when resuming the downloading to local file on call of Resume method.  

See also
Read, Pause, Resume and Upload methods and OnProgress event.