http Range structure
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Applies to
auHTTP component.  

  TauHTTPRange = class(TPersistent)  
    property StartRange: Integer;  
    property EndRange: Integer;  

The Range structure specifies a range of binary data for partial download. Set content ranges if you would like to download you would like to download just some defined part of the file.  
For example, you would like to download the part of file, 40 bytes beginning from 50th byte. Then just set StartRange to 50 and EndRange to 90.  
Or, for another instance, you would like to resume broken download and read the file beginning from 1234 bytes till the end of file. Set StartRange to 1234 and EndRange to 0 (unlimited range).  

The Range works for binary files only. For dynamic ASCII content (i.e: HTML, output of CGI scripts etc) it will download entire file anyway.  

See also
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