http OnWaitTimeoutExpired event
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Applies to
auHTTP and auThread components.  

  TauThreadWaitTimeoutExpired = procedure(Sender: TObject; var TerminateThread: Boolean) of object;  
property OnWaitTimeoutExpired: TauThreadWaitTimeoutExpired;  

The OnWaitTimeoutExpired event occurs when the component could not complete HTTP request for the time interval specified in WaitTimeout property (when WaitTimeout is expired).  
tip The TherminateThread is optional parameter (True by default), which allows to terminate, or prevent termination of thread in case if specified time interval is expired before completion of execution of the thread.  

The WaitTimeout only works together with WaitThread property, only when it set to True.  

See also
WaitThread and WaitTimeout properties;  
Abort method.