autoupgrader Language property
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Applies to
auAutoUpgrader component as subproperty of Wizard structure.  

{ Newer versions of AutoUpgrader component may contain much more languages! Check out version history for AppControls library at: }  
  TauAutoUpgraderLanguage = (wlAuto, wlEnglish, wlRussian,  
                             wlGerman, wlFrench, wlSpanish,  
                             wlPortuguese, wlPortugueseBrazilian,  
                             wlItalian, wlDutch, wlDanish,  
                             wlSwedish, wlFinnish, wlEstonian,  
                             wlUkrainian, wlPolish, wlCzech,  
                             wlHungarian, wlRomanian, wlCatalan,  
                             wlBasque, wlAfrikaans, wlChineseTraditional,  
                             wlChineseSimplified, wlIndonesian, wlMalay,  
                             wlIcelandic, wlTurkish, wlNorvegian,  
property Language: TauAutoUpgraderLanguage; // wlAuto by default  

The Language property specifies the language which will be used to display all standard text messages within the AutoUpgrader component.  
When you specifying the Language, all text in notification messages and the "Appliction update wizard" will be translated accordingly (see screenshot #2).  
By default Language = wlAuto, that means that AutoUpgrader should check out current regional settings on user PC and use his native language, it's possible. If you wish to test this feature and temporary change your regional settings — go to the "Control Panel" and doubleclick "Regional Settings" icon.  

iiinfo Supported languages:
English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Catalan, Basque, Afrikaans, Chinese (both, traditional and simplified), Indonesian, Malay, Icelandic, Turkish, Norwegian, Slovak.  

See also
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