autoupgrader VersionDate property
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Applies to
auAutoUpgrader component.  

property VersionDate: String;  

The VersionDate property specifies the release date of current version of your application. This value can be always set automatically at design-time if VersionDateAutoSet property is True.  
The value of VersionDate property must have following format:  
MM/DD/YYYY (for example, 02/24/2000, that is 24 February 2000). (This is standard US short date style, little bit inconvenient for Europeans though<g>)  
tip If VersionControl is byDate, then after reading the Info-file from the Web, AutoUpgrader will compare #date variable of Info-file with value in VersionDate property. If VersionDate lower than date specified in #date variable, AutoUpgrader will guess that newer version already available on your Web site and will try to upgrade your application on user's PC. VersionNumber property will be ignored.  

See also
VersionControl, VersionDateAutoSet and VersionNumber properties.