autoupgrader OnConnLost event
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Applies to
auAutoUpgrader component.  

property OnConnLost: TNotifyEvent;  

The OnConnLost event occurs when the connection with remote server lost for some reason, at the moment of downloading the data.  
Write the OnConnLost event hander to implement custom message box which notify user about disconnection from Internet, or to perform some specific actions when the connection lost on downloading the data.  
tip The AutoUpgrader have the standard dialog box, destineddestined to notify user about this event. If you wish to show this message automatically (in native user's language, specified in Language property), set mConnLost flag of ShowMessages property to True, or otherwise, set it to False if don't want to display this message automatically.  

See also
ShowMessages and Language properties;  
OnHostUnreachable and OnLostFile events.