autoupgrader OnBeginUpgrade event
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Applies to
auAutoUpgrader component.  

  TauAUBeginUpgradeEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject;  
     Files: TStringList; var CanUpgrade: Boolean) of object;  
property OnBeginUpgrade: TauAUBeginUpgradeEvent;  

The OnBeginUpgrade event occurs when newer version of your application is available for download and AutoUpgrader are ready to upgrade it.  
The OnBeginUpdate event occurs after successful downloading of the Info-file (which contains upgrade information), from location specified in InfoFileURL property. AutoUpgrader parses the info-file and retrieve the information required for upgrade. Some of this information passes to the OnBeginUpgrade event handler as parameters:  
UpgradeMsgthis is the text string, specified in the downloaded Info-file, which describes release notes or new features in recent version. See UpgradeMsg property of the InfoFile structure for more information;  
UpgradeMethoddetermines how the application should be updated. Value can be either umAutoUpgrade (updated files will be automatically downloaded and replaced) or umRedirectToURL (user will redirected to first URL listed in Files parameter). See UpgradeMethod property for more information;  
Filesthe list of URLs to files which should be downloaded and updated locally;  
CanUpgradeset this variable to False if you do NOT want to continue the upgrade. tip To decide whether you want to download each file separately — use OnFileStart event.  
iiinfo At once after this event the AutoUpgrader will show the "Application update wizard" (if it is Enabled).  

See also
OnEndUpgrade, OnProgress, OnFileStart and OnFileDone events;  
Wizard structure.