autoupgrader MiscFilesUpgrade property
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Applies to
auAutoUpgrader component.  

  TauMiscFilesUpgradeBehavior = (mfuDownloadAlways, mfuOnlyIfSizeDifferent)  
property MiscFilesUpgrade: TauMiscFilesUpgradeBehavior;  

The MiscFilesUpgrade property determines how the component should behave when it about to download the updated files.  
There are two possible values for MiscFilesUpgrade property:  
ubAlwaysDownloadthis is devault value for this property. If it is set, the AutoUpgrader will always download all files in queue, as described in the Info-file, disregarding of their sizes, even if the remote file has the same size as its local analog;  
ubOnlyIfSizeDifferentspecifies that the AutoUpgrader should automatically compare the size of file which about to be downloaded with the size of file which already exists in local hard disk. If the sizes are equal, the component will not download it and pass to next file in the download queue.  
tip Alternatively you can write the OnFileStart event handler to get the information about file which about to be downloaded and decide whether you really want to download it.  

iiwarning Important notes
1.The behavior specified in this property is concerned only for miscellaneous files in the download queue. The main executable file of the application will be always updated when the new update available (version date or number changed in the Info-file).  
2.This property take effect only if UpgradeMethod = umSelfUpgrade (#method=0 in the Info-file), so the upgrade performed by downloading and replacing every file separately.  

See also
OnFileStart event;  
Info-file example.