autoupgrader UpgradeMsg property
Info-file example
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Applies to
auAutoUpgrader component as subproperty of InfoFile structure.  

property UpgradeMsg: String;  

The UpgradeMsg specifies the text string which will appears in standard dialog which asks user about upgrade + passes to the OnBeginUpdate event handler. This can be release notes, list of new features or anything else.  
You can also leave the UpgradeMsg blank if you wish to display standard text message only.  
(Screenshot: text of UpgradeMsg is rounded by red mark)  

1.The standard text which appears in the dialog box which asks about update will be displayed in native user's language (specified in Language property of Wizard structure). However this custom text can be specified in only one language.  
2.The upgrade-request dialog box will displayed only if mAskUpgrade flag of ShowMessages property was set to True.  

See also
Files and UpgradeMethod properties of InfoFile structure;  
ShowMessages and Language properties;  
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