autoupgrader AutoCheck property
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Applies to
auAutoUpgrader component.  

property AutoCheck: Boolean  

The AutoCheck property controls whether the AutoUpgrader should automatically check fot the newest version of your application, at once after detecting the Internet connection.  
Set AutoCheck to True if you want to check updates automatically. Then AutoUpgrader will constantly check the Internet connection status with 5 seconds interval. At once the AutoUpgrader detects active Internet connection, it will download the Information-file (from location specified in the InfoFileURL property). If the newer version of your application is available for download — it will try to update it. (Otherwise, if no update available, it will kill timer and will not check upgrades anymore for current application session.)  
Set AutoCheck to False if you don't want to check updates automatically. To check for application upgrades programmaticaly — call CheckUpdate method.  

See also
AutoCheckDelay property;  
CheckUpdate method; InfoFileURL and ShowMessages properties.