webimage AccessType property
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Applies to
acWebImage, acHTTP and acAutoUpgrader components as subproperty of HTTPProxy structure.  

  TacHTTPAccessType = (atPreconfig, atDirect, atProxy);  
property AccessType: TacHTTPAccessType;  

The AccessType property controls how the acHTTP component should access the remote server to download data. The AccessType can be direct or via the proxy server. If you'd like to use the access type previously configured in the Control Panel, leave the AccessType = atPreconfig.  
Values   Meaning  
atPreconfigretrieves the proxy or direct configuration from the registry (user can configure the access type in the Control Panel);  
atDirectuses the direct connection and resolves all host names locally;  
atProxyaccess the remote data via the proxy server. Passes all requests to the proxy, unless a proxy bypass list is not empty and the name to be resolved bypasses the proxy. To specify the proxy server and port — use ProxyServer and ProxyPort properties. To configure bypass list — use ProxyBypass property.  

See also
ProxyServer, ProxyPort and ProxyBypass properties.