wavplayer SoundType property
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Applies to
acWavPlayer component.  

procedure SoundType: TacSystemSoundType;  

The SoundType property specifies the type of a sound to play. When SoundType is stCustom, acWavPlayer will play custom sound specified in (uploaded to) WaveSound property (.WAV file uploaded onto form). When SoundType is any other value (stAsterisk, stCloseProgram, stCriticalStop, stDefaultSound, stExclamation, stExitWindows, stMaximize, stMenuCommand, stMenuPopup, stMinimize, stNewMailNotification, stOpenProgram, stProgramError, stQuestion, stRestoreDown, stRestoreUp, stStartWindows), acWavPlayer will play sound associated with enumerated system events.  

iiwarning After selecting of any system sound, content of WaveSound property will be cleared.  
iiinfo If you would like to play system sound event, associated with some certain action, you can alternativaly use PlaySystemSound and StopSystemSound routines.  

See also
WaveSound property and TacWavPlayerSndType type;  
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