urllabel Kind property
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Applies to
acURLLabel component.  

  TacURLLabelKind = (ukWWW, ukEmail);  
property Kind: TacURLLabelKind;  

The Kind property controls the type and purpose of the acURLLabel compnent. The Kind determines whether the URLLabel used as link to the Web page (ukWWW) or to execute default email program (ukEmail).  
ukWWWstarts the default Internet browser and opens the URL specified in the URL property. If the URL is not specified, the compenent will use the label text (Caption property) as URL;  
ukEmailstarts the default E-mail program and compose the email message with parameters pre-configured in the Email property. If the Email.Address is not specified, the component will use the label text (Caption) as email address, for whom to compose message.  

See also
URL and Email properties.