treecombobox TreeOptions property
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Applies to
acTreeComboBox component.  

  TacTreeViewOptions = class  
    property AutoExpand: Boolean default False;  
    property ExpandTopLevelNodes: Boolean default False;  
    property FullExpand: Boolean default False;  
    property MouseTrack: Boolean default True;  
    property RowSelect: Boolean default False;  
    property ShowButtons: Boolean default True;  
    property ShowLines: Boolean default True;  
    property ShowRoot: Boolean default True;  
    property Tooltips: Boolean default True;  
property TreeOptions: TacTreeViewOptions;  

The TreeOptions structure used to specify some behaviours of the TreeView embedded to drop-down window of acTreeComboBox control.  
There are possible properties of embedded TreeView control:  
AutoExpandSpecifies whether the nodes in the tree view automatically expand and collapse depending on the selection;  
ExpandTopLevelNodesSpecifies whether the TreeComboBox should automatically expand all the top-level nodes (nodes without parent), upon DropDown (tip alternativaly you can just expand the nodes in OnDropDown event handler).  
FullExpandSpecifies whether the component should automatically expand all the nodes and their sub-nodes upon DropDown (tip alternativaly you can just expand nodes in OnDropDown event handler);  
MouseTrackSpecifies whether the selection should always hovers the tree node under mouse pointer, even when user move mouse over tree view without clicking;  
RowSelectSpecifies whether the entire row of the selected item is highlighted;  
ShowButtonsSpecifies whether to display plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to the left side of each parent item;  
ShowLinesSpecifies whether to display the lines that link child nodes to their corresponding parent nodes;  
ShowRootSpecifies whether lines connecting top-level nodes are displayed;  
TooltipsSpecifies whether the items in the tree view have tooltips.  

See also
AcceptOnDblClick, ShowEditor, SelectedNode and TreeView properties;  
ExpandTopLevelNodes method of acTreeView component.